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A note about this website and online privacy in general:

Online trackers and advertisements have been a scourge to the internet. It seems you cannot visit a website today without being tracked, force fed ads, and your information being sold to the lowest bidder. All the news sites are making click-bait articles (previously known as yellow journalism) just so they can feed you as many ads as possible. They make you click through multiple “Continue reading” and “read more” links just so they can increase profit on your “clicks.” Companies such as Google are tracking you through virtually every website you visit in order to build a profile about who you are, what you like, where you're going, and what you're buying. They know more about you, than you know about yourself. While you struggle to remember what you ate for breakfast last Sunday, they know you visited your local bagel shop for the fourth time this year, you spent 23 minutes there, spent $8.72, and were with your two friends Lisa and Tom. They now own that picture you took of your meal.

My hatred for the abusive use of advertising and trackers is the reason you will find none of that on this website. The only IP addresses I log are hackers and bots trying to SSH or log into the server. There are no cookies to track you. There are no scripts that cause potential vulnerabilities to your device. I did not opt for the “free” Google Analytics as so many others have done. Only thing from Google you will find on this website is the fonts I use.

That being said, I cannot control other websites. I may post links to other websites that do not share the same views or practices. I urge anyone that cares about personal privacy to install things like “Privacy Badger” and “NoScript” onto their FireFox browser. I urge you to avoid using and instead use or