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2020 Election

Everything we suspected…feared, might happen in this election, seems to be turning into reality.
Blatant fraud and errors in all the critical areas.

While I’m sure there is fraud on both sides of the isle. Only the Republican party has been vocal, both in the distant and recent past, about trying to prevent it. It should be obvious to those paying attention that the Democratic party is trying to undermine our elections. The Republicans push for Voter ID, they get called racist. They voice concerns about mass mail-in ballots, they get called conspiracy theorists. They request transparency with counting the ballots, they get denied access to the ballot counting. They want to follow the rules, the left changes all the rules in the final hours. They bring up countless news stories of voter fraud, the left say “there is no evidence.” When will people wake up and see what is happening?

May I ask why we cannot have voter ID?
We are required identification for virtually everything else in this country. Want to drive a car? ID. Want to buy a gun? ID. Want to buy a beer? ID. Fly on a plane? ID. Watch a rated-R movie? ID.
Which side is actually racist? The side that believes every adult is capable of obtaining a government issued identification? Or the side that believes minorities are incapable of such a task?

To the people that say “We have had mail-in voting for a long time.”
No, there is a different between an absentee ballot and mass mail-in ballots to every name on the voter registration. You can visit the election fraud page I have posted if you want to see some of the evidence.

We all hope for a fair outcome of this election. I’m just not sure we’ll get one.