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Renna V. Becerra (CA Handgun Roster)

A new lawsuit challenging the Unconstitutional laws known as the California Handgun Roster. This is a challenge to the new laws surrounding the roster that make it a requirement to remove three guns for every gun thats added.

This is blatantly Unconstitutional.


Since the “unsafe handgun” regulatory scheme last faced a legal challenge in Pena v. Lindley, 898 F.3d 969 (9th Cir. 2018)(cert. denied June 15, 2020 sub nom. Pena v. Horan), wherein the Ninth Circuit, effectively applying rational basis, upheld a prior version of the laws challenged herein, the State of California’s legislature recently enacted an expansive amendment to California’s Handgun Ban in Assembly Bill No. 2847 (2019 –2020 Reg. Sess.) (“AB 2847”) that makes it ever more onerous, inter alia, by requiring the Defendants’ Department of Justice to remove three firearms from the Roster that are not compliant with its current requirements for every single new firearm added to the roster. In essence, under California’s Handgun Ban, the Roster of available handgun makes and models will be reduced three times for each new model added to the Roster.

Calguns thread tracking this case.

Second Amendment Foundation complaint PDF.

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