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Renna V. Becerra (CA Handgun Roster)

A new lawsuit challenging the Unconstitutional laws known as the California Handgun Roster. This is a challenge to the new laws surrounding the roster that make it a requirement to remove three guns for every gun thats added. This is blatantly Unconstitutional.   Since the “unsafe handgun” regulatory scheme last faced a legal challenge in …

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England approves road tunnel underneath Stonehenge

It is insane that this has been approved, especially since just earlier this year they discovered “huge neolithic pits” surrounding that area. As much as I despise over-regulation and “red tape” there are times when it does good. Protection of our history, monuments, and parks would be some examples. Story about it here.

Justice Alito speach to the Federalist Society

Video of the address here.   Original article of the transcripts can be found here. Here are the transcripts from Josh Blackman at   Thank you, Dean, I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to speak to all of you who are attending the Federalist society’s annual lawyers convention via the internet. I’ve given the …

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Rhode v. Becerra (CA Ammo Sales)

Rhode v. Becerra is the current case challenging California’s unconstitutional law regarding the sale and import of ammunition. We are currently waiting for oral arguments that are scheduled for 11/9/2020. Here is the thread monitoring the case. Michel & Associates is involved in the case. Here are updates from them.

El Chupacabra

Myth? Real? People drank too much tequila? Don’t know, but here’s a “How stuff works” Chupacabra edition.

2020 Election

Everything we suspected…feared, might happen in this election, seems to be turning into reality. Blatant fraud and errors in all the critical areas. While I’m sure there is fraud on both sides of the isle. Only the Republican party has been vocal, both in the distant and recent past, about trying to prevent it. It …

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